Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pride Before a Fall! (trials of ageing?)

Here is my latest book. It is now released as an eBook — print version to follow in a few weeks. (Go to Dare Empire bookstore for book details etc as well as ordering in Kindle or pdf.) Quite a bit of interest has already been shown.

I had an opportunity to show off my books when invited to an event that I really thought not exactly suitable for an author but it was my Magpies Nest Publishing that presumably caught their attention. I don't like going out at night, partly because I get up early and am tired in the evenings and partly because, with my eyesight problems I can't see very well at night. Street lighting is not much good for me as it tends to cast long shadows I can't see into.

The businesswomen's showcase event last Tuesday night. I guess I stood out as the old granny! Not much interest shown in books. A lot of it was 'women's stuff'. One or two stopped by to look at the books. Not in a good place really. I was told to choose an empty table. So I chose ground floor near the door. Then someone asked if I would mind moving because they wanted to link to the one next to it. Being ever the obliger, I began the move (I had a lot of books, a showboard, leaflets, bookmarks, business cards, posters etc) Then someone came and said that it was her table, she had only just popped upstairs. So my hubby carried everything up the spiral staircase for me. By then the best tables had gone. Anyway, we set it up. All the real activity was happening downstairs but a couple of talks brought folk upstairs. Those that did stop to chat (well they did have to answer my question - 'do you do much reading?') showed interest. I gave three books away and I was asked if I would give a talk to a new group just starting. About books? No ME. She was interested in the way I changed my occupations to fit in with family life etc. Who knows? Something may come from it. My most memorable thing that happened during the evening? My hubby had gone to get the car and put my stuff in it. (No way could I have carried it down the spiral staircase) When I finished chatting to the woman interested in my life, I went down to the exit. I walked outside to see if he was having to wait with the car on a yellow line. I have difficulty seeing at night. The nearest car was not ours but another one like it was just up the road. I turned and set off — literally! I fell over a low wall I did not see!

A lady nearby came over and told me to stay still. No need, apart from a huge swelling on the side of my right shin, bruises on my thigh, hip, arm, swellings on my hands, minor grazing, I'm quite all right. Dear oh dear — I know old biddies should stay home at night! I should take my own advice!

NEWS FLASH — The Dark Mirror now in paperback!

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