Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Living Water!

Jesus sometimes spoke of Living Water — the water that he gives to believers, water that He connects to Life Eternal, a spring bubbling up for all to receive. Bubbling up! That is what seemed to be happening when I had the Holy Spirit entering into my life. For a while I would suddenly be overtaken with JOY bubbling up, impossible to contain. It just had to be released! Now, every time I see bubbling, swirling, dazzling or brightly reflecting water, I am uplifted for reflections of a glorious period in my life are again refreshed. I don't have to ponder on the reason for it, to experience the beauty and joy is itself uplifting and refreshment to the soul. Add white birds to these wonderful glittering patterns of brilliance, and my heart sings, 'How great thou art!'

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