Thursday, December 23, 2010

Entry into Dare Empire!

I don't usually say much about my books here but this is good news for me!

I recently signed a contract with Dare Empire for them to publish my trilogy woldwide as eBooks. Also in print for the Australian market. Things have gone quicker than I imagined possible. The first book Awakening Love is now available in Kindle with other formats being prepared as I write. The whole trilogy should be available from all major on-line stores in January and print versions shortly following.
The whole trilogy is getting a new lift with intriguing covers by a team producing books in Amazon's top ratings.
Could 2011 be a true AWAKENING for my award-winning book?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Looking Out and Looking Back.

We are not planning on going anywhere this Christmas. Nothing unusual in that nowadays. Gone are the Christmases when we used to travel to visit our ageing relatives and meet with other family members there. WE are the oldies now but our nearest and dearest live within the area. We will be chatting to our remaining sisters and maybe other kin over the telephone.
Fortunately, we are warm inside the house and the Christmas tree cheers us in the corner. Cards around the room remind us of friends and loved ones. We have time to sit and reflect of what was and how blessed we are now.
Yes indeed. Years ago, when we rose in the morning and wanted to know what the weather was like we would first have to scrape the ice from the glass! No central heating in those days. When I was a child we only had a fire in the kitchen to heat both the room and the water. My husband's family had little different. When we married our house had no central heating or double glazing either. But that was 'normal' then.
We recall a blizzard on the way for our annual Christmas visit to Matlock. We had to turn back and were lucky to get home. Another Christmas my hubby became ill. As soon as we were home, the day after Boxing Day, he visited the doctor. The doc brought him home to pack his bag and take him to hospital. (That was a REAL family doctor!) Investigations presented a different diagnosis and after a small operation he was able to come home some days later. A worrying time though as we were about to move house in the coldest winter we had had for years. The house needed thawing out and the floors scrubbed. I was pregnant with our third child too. But my concern was for my poor hubby. But all turned out well. Hubby got the boiler system going, I scrubbed the floors. The frozen ground prevented the red mud from the building site coming indoors. The kids could play in the snow. We had double glazing, central heating, some new furniture to fill the extra space, and we had never been so comfortable. That is until the children came down with infections. The doctor told us to turn off the central heating and open all the windows!
Another Christmas we all had flu'. And so the Yuletide memories continue — births and deaths, joys and sorrows experienced at this 'season of goodwill'. Hard times and easy times — all of them memorable. The lights on the tree are cheering on dark mornings, the snow brings difficulties but also pleasures. Time to reflect on life and our many blessings. To remember loved ones no longer with us, and of the pleasures of life we shared with them. Right now, sun is giving colour to the snow-covered ground. Clouds drift against the blue of the sky, maybe later we will hear the shouts and laughter of children sledging.
Simple things in life bring us the most joy and peace.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Seeing things more clearly

Years ago all films and photographs were black and white (with many shades in-between). Colour was sometimes added to photographs by special ink — such as tinting essential features. My mother had a photograph of one of my sisters, which had been done on glass and tinted. Such tinting was nothing like the present-day colour photography. Looking at old photographs, I rather like the simple black and white snaps. But then, maybe that is because they are reminders of my youth — a time when things were much more simple in spite of many problems. (As my son says, 'Ah, nostalgia. It isn't what it used to be.') In actual fact, the 30's and 40's were indeed far more grey than today. Colour books, colour films, colour photographs, colour entertainment — slashing, crashing, flashing on TV screens, have completely changed our view of the world around us.
For many people, including children, the recent snow has been a pleasure. True, a problem as well. And for some, a nuisance and a hindrance to work and travel. I recall heavy falls in past years. On occasions, wondering if I have to walk the two bus journey's home. One morning, sitting on the top of a double-decker as went over a bridge and sliding right round into the main traffic lane. Walking through snow drifts with snow higher than my wellies. And being in cars during snow storms and on icy road. More recently, falling over and needing medical treatment. But the joyful times far outweigh the others.
Now, we can sit looking out of our window and wonder at the simple black and white beauty. The brightness of our potted plants stands out too. How rich is just a little colour with such a wonderful background. And what a blessing to have that view, and above all - eyes to see it!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Light shines on in the darkness

I opened the door one evening earlier this week and the light shone out on the falling snow. We have had a relatively light fall but it has been heavy in other parts of the country, and with temperatures well below freezing. Most unusual for this time of year. In fact as the last light fall fell yesterday, autumn leaves from our big oak drifted down with the snow. These can be seen on the photo I took just now (Sunday morning) There are still a few leaves on the branches.
The country, like many others, may have financial problems as well as the disruption caused by the unusual weather, but 'good will among men' has abounded as the strong (and not so strong) have come to the aid of the less fortunate. (This in spite of the ugliness of theft by a few organised bands and sick individuals.)
To me this is an indication that the country will survive all the present problems and come up stronger for it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Little things that mean so much

I watch
little birds flitting from tree to tree
bright plumage caught in winter sun
a delight to the eye

a joy to behold
in winter’s dying days
when bleakness reigns
and frost chills the bones.

I hear
merry chatter as they feed
on seeds and nuts
hanging freely from the bough

Little joys
Big with life
gladdening my heart
dispelling inner gloom

Thank you
Creator of all
for these
Your gifts of life.

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Monday, November 22, 2010


Sometimes reflections in water — lake, tarn, river — can be more lovely than the actual view we see on land.
Isn't this rather like memories? Unless what we recall is painful or meaningless, our memories are reshaped and coloured by time. I could list many things here but most are of a personal nature. These memories are my treasure, always available to be be retrieved and viewed at will. Like my growing store of photographs, there's a lot of them!
This photograph is a more recent one. We have a brilliant print of the same place but taken in summer-autumn when the trees are full of colour. But this one reflects the brilliant blue of the sky as well as mostly dull deciduous trees. And the ripples on the water, breaking up the evergreens, add texture and detail. Yes, just like life as we get older.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Light on a hill that cannot be hidden

It may look like a lighthouse but the Hoad Monument is just that - a monument to a notable local personage. Sometimes it is lit up and it can be seen for miles.
'Let you light shine so that others may see your good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven.'
We see celebrities lit up and standing for all to see, but how sad that their deeds are not always life enhancing for others — in fact, just the opposite. But it is their fans that put them on the pedestals. How sad.
There are so many good people who walk unnoticed among us. But every so often, one comes along and lifts our flagging spirits. What a blessing!
We too should be blessings to others, rather than forever seeking our own happiness and looking for it in the wrong places.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The end of the trail

We have been caravanning since our boys were quite young. Gradually they dropped off until we were off on our own with a comfy two-birth caravan. The caravan has provided us with many enjoyable holidays, which we will always remember. Lots of photos should we forget!
Now the time has come to give up the van and think of other ways to get a good break. Here is our lovely van, with autumn leaves drifting over it like confetti! As we enter the winter of our lives we are very thankful for the pleasure it has given us, and hope that it will serve another couple in the way it has pleasured us.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It is November — autumn. The yellow roses are at the best they have been all year. A few of the others are holding on but they have already done their work of giving joy through the eye of the beholder.

Glorious colours of autumn enrich us day by day. My yellow rose is a touch of summer lingering in all its beauty and fragrance.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reflecting Light.

Yesterday the autumn sun was blinding and sun glasses needed for me to see anything. We had a drive by Coniston Water. The lake was smooth, with gentle ripples made by one or two canoes. Reflections of the opposite bank heightened the experience of joyous delight. Unfortunately we were not able to stop on the narrow twisting road to take photographs where the views were outstanding but this one gives an idea. It seems the sun blinded the camera too in part!
It reminded me of St Paul's saying about reflections in a mirror 'but then we shall see face to face, and know as we are known'
All we see now may pass away, but to believers what remains is eternal.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Living Water

'He who comes to me I will give him living water welling up into Eternal Life.' (As I recall the words that constantly remain.)
There are some things never forgotten. A life-changing experience is exactly that.
Sometimes we come to a crossroads in life and a choice has to be made. 46 years ago, my life changed. I was the same person and yet I felt different. To start with, life was bubbling up inside of me and I could hardly contain it. And then I wanted to pray, to study, to learn, to grow. My life was to follow a new path full of ups and downs. Many changes have taken place and yet I know that very special water remains... and always will.

Monday, October 11, 2010

This Little Piggy Went to Market

This little piggy went to market!
Pigs fascinate me. I could watch them for hours. They love to snout their way under fences to find roots, snout holes to fill with urine (to make mud to wallow in), and generally use their snout as a tool as well as to sniff with. I have seen them pee while other pigs drink it, and eat about everything in sight. Local ones eat everything dumped into their pen, including garden rubbish. Certainly nothing within their reach remains for more than a few seconds. As recyclers they are supreme — not a thing is wasted. Not only do they eat everything, every bit of them gets used when their time is up.
The small ‘pretty’ breeds are great, not that I would consider one as a pet but they appear to be fairly intelligent. I would find it difficult to cuddle a little pig knowing it was destined for market. This little spotty pig followed us along a lane until it could go no further — what a friendly creature!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Walking in Nottingham University Park, we crossed the lower end of the lake by walking over the stepping stones. It is a beautiful spot with waterfall and rocks, surrounded by mature trees — a mini-paradise. This is a place we visited when I was a young child up to my adulthood. So many steps taken along that road to where I am now. Never did I think I would write books, or train to be a teacher or designer. But I did think about God, even if I never imagined serving Him through the Church. I may have since trained for the Ministry, studied theology at degree level, practised my faith through Church duties (including services, funerals, pastoral care, preaching) but I doubt that my faith has changed little over all those years. It is simple and enduring. God IS and in Him I live and have my being. As a young child of seven I gave my heart to Jesus. Did I understand what I was doing? Maybe not, but as then, I believe that when we give, we never take back. Has all my theology and training been of worth? Yes, indeed. It has answered questions about inconsistency within the Bible, shown up what tragedies occur when religion takes up ‘weapons’ and strays beyond the WAY of simplicity.

We crossed those stepping stones and ended up the other side of the lake and back to where we started. Just like my faith — enriched.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Streams Of Living Water Flow

We drove around Thirlmere Reservoir last Friday. The Revervoir provides water to people as far away as Manchester. When rain ceased to fall for some months earlier on, the levels in the reservoir became very low indeed and restrictions were imposed.
A hose pipe ban was not generally popular but it was the only sane thing to do. Of course, a few locals considered it OUR water that others were wasting. They objected because they were not allowed to use their hose to wash a car or had to resort to watering cans to water their garden. We catch water in butts and use cans anyway, so it was no problem to us. Even so, it makes people realise that water is precious and should not be taken for granted.
It reminded me of the Living Water offered by Jesus. Do we take that for granted too?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Solomon in all his glory?

A simple rose, exquisite colour and form. And a heavenly scent. Here it is in early autumn, a sparkling raindrops enhancing it's robes far better than a monarch's crown. What greater treasure can be found? What greater clothing can be worn?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let Your Light Shine

Sometimes we get so tired that it is hard to keep cheerful. We may ache and it is hard not to relieve stress by allowing ourselves a little moan. Nothing wrong in that. Better to be truthful than put on a permanent grin.
We had a pleasant walk last Saturday. We drove to Canal Foot — a small community at the sea end of the local canal — parked the car and took a small walk. Having a few problems at present we did not go far. To our delight the tide had come in. It is rare to see it so high. I wondered what happened when a strong wind coincided with a full tide. Were the bungalows at the side of the narrow road safe? apparently yes.
We walked by the delightful houses a little further up and, not being able to walk over the rocky shoreline because of the tide, we followed the footpath that went upwards to fields with views towards the local monument on Hoad Hill. It has been recently renovated and now it stands out white against the sky. It looks like a lighthouse but no rays of light will ever shine out over the sea. But it stands out in the daytime and it does get lit up at night.
We managed to get back to the car just as my knees were getting troublesome. It had been a wonderfully refreshing short walk. I never cease to wonder how blessed we are. I loved the dark clouds and reflections in the sea. Ever changing, ever mysterious.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

For We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray

Sometimes we have to sit back and ask ourselves where we are going.
It is easy to get into a rut. Or find ourselves at a dead end with no sense of direction.
We had a visit by five Herdwick Sheep a couple of weeks ago. Evidently they had been loose around the immediate area for a few days. They are lovely creatures and I had no objection to their visit as long as they didn't stay long. (We made sure of that) It was the tup's fault. A handsome male, that tup. Those ewes wouldn't let him out of their sight — where he went the ewes were sure to go. Too often humans can be just like those sheep.
But we don't need another person to send us astray. We can follow an ideal, an ambition, a desire, an obsession. Then maybe stop and realise somewhere along the road we have lost 'our way'.
I have done that more than once. I have been sitting and doing a bit of thinking today. New patterns for a way forward have come to mind.
However, at the moment I'm more concerned for a group of people (who consider themselves Christian) that could, through the preaching of one man, cause the death of very many (if not thousands) of people. What are they trying to prove by burning the holy book of another religion? The only destruction our stray sheep could do would be to ruin a patch of garden. Let's hope these zealots will see the light before setting fire to a bonfire which could sweep across continents leaving nothing but hatred and death in its wake.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Where Streams of Living Water Flow… Ulverston Canal

Where Streams of Living Water Flow… Ulverston Canal

There is nothing like water reflecting nature to calm the spirit.

Here in Ulverston we have a short canal that once was connected to the sea and busy with boats. At some time in the future it will become a marina. But for now it is a place of relaxation set, as it is, in pleasant countryside — even if it does have an industrial complex at one side near to the coast. People smile in greeting and dogs wag their tails. Wild life adds beauty and gentle movement. Just to gaze into the rippling water beneath the overhanging trees releases tension, and enriches the soul. Joy creeps in where once was sadness.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I Will Lift My Eyes To The Hills...

When I feel down there is nothing like soaking in the wonder of Creation to restore my humour.
We are indeed privileged to live in an area of outstanding beauty. We don't have to walk far to see both sea and mountains. We have a delightful short canal teeming with life and other short walks to give us fresh air and exercise. Yes, there is much sickness in the world of every kind imaginable, and it is easy to get weighed down by the magnitude of it all. But darkness is subdued when we let in the Light. This photograph was taken this afternoon. We had been on a short drive to the coast and returned by an inland route. This was taken less than two miles up the hill from where we live.
No wonder, when I was a child I used to dream of visiting the Lake District. But I didn't have to become rich and famous to do so. Ironically it was a slow down in the Electrical Engineering Industry in the late 1960's causing many redundancies, that forced us from our Midlands' home (that we had only just moved into) and live up here where my husband was offered a job in Shipbuilding. It had been hard for all of us, especially our three children — new schools, no friends and no extended family. But they settled and so did we. My husband easier than me. I had to change Teacher Training College in mid stream, travel (with all the family) 220 miles and back to attend tutorials every third Saturday morning, and spend a week away from home to do my exams. The two colleges were completely different and that was confusing.
But, it has all been worthwhile...
(photograph — looking towards the Coniston Range from the Moors Road above Ulverston. Coniston Water can just be seen below the mountains.)

Visit my 'Lake District Saga — Checkmate' web site to see the many pictures on three posts of this wonderful area. (The setting for my latest book — Checkmate)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Unless You Become As A Little Child…

Unless You Become As A Little Child…

It is true that you need a childlike heart to fully appreciate all that life has to offer. Unless under duress, a young child is uninhibited and reacts naturally to what he sees, and feels. If surprised by joy, he will laugh and giggle. If that joy embraces the sight and sound of a band playing, he will likely ‘be one of them’ or dance to the music. This is natural pleasure embracing our God-given senses. Sadly, we become shy as we get older. Fear of disapproval sets in. By the time we are adults (in our own country at least) we smile and laugh with joy, but dance? Maybe, in a ‘correct’ setting, but not openly in the Market Square where people are likely to think you are an exhibitionist. Or will they? Certainly not if you are part of a group, clog dancing or Morris dancing. Or otherwise ‘expected’ to perform. Of course, those who lose their inhibitions through drink may well dance — before they fall flat on their faces. Sad isn’t it? Why can’t we be naturally happy and dance for joy — any time, any place!

We have a band playing in Ulverston’s Market Square most Thursdays throughout the summer. Lovely foot-tapping music that makes you happy inside. Oh how often I would love to let go and fling caution to the wind. Dance to my heart’s content. What is there to stop me? Me, just me, and my fear of what others might think.

So I tap my feet and occasionally dare to sway!

Today I saw an infant in a pushchair watching the band and bobbing his feet to the rhythm of the band. I walked up and encouraged him. He smiled and before long his hand and feet were doing just what I truly wanted to do myself. So I had a good excuse to tap and clap! The lady with him was clapping in encouragement too. Such happiness written on that little boy’s face.

‘And a little child shall lead them’…

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

For They Like Sheep Have Gone Astray...

Now if I happened to still be preaching, I would have had a good 'true from life' story to start off with. For this morning a number of sheep found their way into our back garden. They must have come from a field a little distance away, following a stream that led through a neighbour's garden. No doubt diving their heads under the dividing wall — unless they broke a wall down somewhere or did a bit of jolly good leaping, of which sheep can be quite good at. Anyway, there they were on the lawn, one of them eating the leaves fallen from the oak tree (much to my hubby's delight as it meant less for him to sweep up). I took these photos of the beautiful woolly creatures before hubby drove them back the way they had come. Why did the sheep leave the flock and a nice green field? Why do we go astray when things are fine as they are?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday already!
How time flies as you get older… and older! The sand seems to run faster through that narrow waist of the timer. I sometimes wonder if we are making the most of the time left to us. Do I waste time and nervous energy with my writing? With my books? With my blogs? Certainly it causes considerable frustration. How easier things would be if computers were around when I was young. To think, I recall writing on a slate when I first started school. Computers are relatively recent on the scale of things. Everyone knows it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks — and this dog is 78 this year. I could tear my hair out at the frustration experienced when trying anything just slightly different (not that much hair left to tug out!) . Especially all the wonders that are available to bloggers.
Well, I can bake good cakes which are enjoyed by all the family when they call in. I don't bake every week but I like to make sure there is a variety. When I depressed or tearful over failures, I can at least open the cake cupboard door and take note that I can still DO SOMETHING useful and enjoyable. Oh yes, and I can still laugh at myself, so things can't be that bad. (Please no one tell me about the REAL problems people face in the world — they are constantly on my mind and I can only do so much.)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eden — What goes on there.

The Vale of Eden is not far away and yet it is remote from us because we are stuck on a peninsular which tends to revolve around itself. However, I get newsletter from the best in Eden telling me what's on throughout the year. It is quite a rural area and yet there is so much to be a part of throughout the festival season. It certainly gives ideas as to what could take place within our own area. But then, Ulverston and other towns in the region have their own festivals. Even so, we might just take the caravan to the Eden Valley and get a taste of their hospitality.
I wrote a short story, The Seeds of Ammon, set in a Vale of Eden. It will be interesting to see if the two Edens have much in common. I suspect, a lot!
Visit the Best of Eden blog and see the interesting things they are up to and which all visitors are welcome to join in.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Of Jam and Jerusalem.

Yesterday, after harvesting our cherry plums (see post) I looked up how to turn them into jam.
Here it is! Complete with stones as it did not seem worthwhile straining them out. Anyway, they are easy to remove when using the jam, and gives the spreader of jam something to suck on — less calories than a sweet!
Being Monday, we got the cleaning done first, plus a bit of washing.

I miss our cleaner. She was a lovely woman and more of a friend. We really should get someone else but I guess I find it hard (emotionally) to have her replaced. She told us last year that she had cancer. She died less than two months ago. I hoped she would recover but my experience of deaths in the family and also of friends dying with cancer, I knew it to be unlikely. So I think of her as I clean and feel nothing but admiration for how quickly she got the job done, compared with us. She will always be sadly missed.
But I guess we will have to get help soon, my knees are not happy!

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Free Harvest!

A small tree suddenly appeared in the front garden two or three years ago. Nothing unusual because we are continually having to pull out trees grown from seeds carried by birds or fallen from our trees. This one appeared amongst shrubbery so it could have been there longer without me noticing until white flowers appeared two years ago. Last year it had grown considerably and I found a few small plum-like fruit on it. I looked the fruit up in a gardening book. It seems they are cherry plums. I wondered if it had grown from a runner from a nearby grafted cherry tree (the grafted on part is an ornamental cherry but the stock is likely a strong variety not grown for flowers) As I said, this tree has masses of small white flowers in early spring, just like the damsons growing wild in hedgerows. Now matter how it got there, I decided to keep it. I like having blossoms in early spring. It has rewarded me with a kilogram of fruit. I'll give it a bit of pruning and maybe next year...

In my mind I saw a kind of parable. How easily we push aside talent. Talent which, if nurtured, could bring forth that which could give pleasure to many. (I have in mind publishers and art critics/dealers. But it applies to businesses too.)

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Answer To Prayer?

I have been having painful problems with my right knee for a little while now. An Xray was taken last week. But my bones are not suspect. Damage may have been done to something or other. While waiting for it to be investigated, I was advised to exercise on level ground where possible. Living on a hill means I take it easy going up and down, but for walks we choose canal paths.
On Sunday, we took this photo of a duck splashing around in the Ulverston Canal. There were a number of them and it was fun to watch.
Monday was labour intensive — washing, ironing and cleaning. Yesterday I worked on my book and did a bit of blogging. I have a number of friends on the Internet who share similar interests (especially writing). I have a great deal of fun with one who lives in Australia. What a laugh we have at times. This is good because I have lost a lot of friends and family these past few years.
In the afternoon, we walked to town. It gave me a bit of exercise.
Today I found that my knee was hardly troubling me. I have been trying not to twist it in any way. After working on my book, I went in the garden and did some pruning, plus a small amount of weeding. My knee is not troubling me. Inflammation down? Whatever had slipped out had slipped back? That which had causing the stabbing sensation shifted? Or an answer to prayer? I know that I am being prayed for — just as I pray for others. I don't believe in 'shopping list' prayers. I see prayer as co-operation in the healing power of nature, working with God to achieve his will for all mankind. Many things can hinder healing. But if we are right with God, and the time is right for healing, 'all things work together for good'.
For me, religion—Christianity is a way of life. A follower of the way, rather than an observer of the three static R's — rules, rituals and Religion with a capital R.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bunny in the Garden — GOT IT!

Bunny in the Garden — Got it!

We have had a rabbit hopping through the garden since spring. We don’t know where it goes to and we don’t know where it comes from. It does not stay long. Sometimes it does not stop at all. We have no objection to it nibbling weeds in the lawn or borders and there is no evidence of damage to anything. Hoppity usually has his ears up listening for trouble. Amazing that he’s still alive. There are plenty of predators in the area.
I have tried to catch him with my camera many times. When I have had it ready he hasn’t appeared. I race to get it and he’s gone, or just disappearing . Today my hubby called to say he was on the lawn. I rushed for the camera. Did not stop to get the focal distance correct and snapped the bunny through the kitchen window — never mind the haze caused by double glazing and the usual distortion of damp mist on the glass. No time to open the door to get a snap. No time to readjust the camera from the past setting.
Okay not perfect, but I now have my dear bunny on record.
No way would we eat him. Neither would we eat the dear squirrels. Unfortunately, a shop in London is selling squirrel meat. No doubt before long they will be hunted down for their flesh as well as the hatred some folk have for them. Already interest is growing. Golly, you would have to suck bones to get anything from them.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Then and Now, 1953—2010

Why do many women (and men) try to hold back the years? Why can’t we simply accept others and ourselves just as we are? Fear of being unloved and unwanted? Fear of losing respect and self-esteem. Fear that life’s journey is about to reach its destination? For certain, powder and paint, needle and thread can’t prevent that!
There are times when I ask myself ‘why bother any more?’ Why not give up and give in? Funerals, of friends and loved ones, get more frequent. ‘Wear and tear’ on body and soul doesn’t just start to show, it cries out to be heard!
We continually hear of the problems the young will face in the future to keep the ageing generation in care homes or looked after in their own homes. The figures are frightening. Add to this the dreadfully-real poverty in the world, the suffering from natural disasters, the suffering of those caught up in wars not of their making. The terrorism, but also the wickedness and the greed that makes terrorists out of downtrodden peoples.
You are never too old, or too young, to help make the world a better place to live. Wrinkles need not be a barrier to communication or to happiness.
(Photo on our wedding day — March 1953. Photo at our grandson's wedding 2010 — eyes dreadfully sore with all the flash photography, teeth not what they used to be, hair, what there is left blown by the wind! But my heart filled with the same joy!)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Gorgeous Blooms — All Free!

Plants that are free and satisfying.

One of the pleasures of a garden is growing plants from cuttings. I see it as working with nature.
A cutting taken from a rose growing over an old wall that many years ago was part of an old garden (see Wrinkly Writers). This cutting was cut into several parts, each producing its own plant. Cuttings from a creamy-yellow climbing rose, (growing as a full height tree) now covering a huge tree stump (along with clematis and ivies) and leaping upwards towards the sky. Also growing up a fir tree. A number of cuttings taken from Hydrangeas (one blue and pne pink) now growing in various parts of the garden with showy blooms that last throughout the summer. Cuttings from clematis and a number of shrubs, spread around the gardens, filling spaces and a delight to the eye. So much to enjoy and costing nothing but a little time. There is so much to enjoy in a garden. Spreading the pleasure with cuttings is doubly rewarding.
Here are some photos to illustrate. Plants from cuttings are mixed here with other shrubs but which were bought as potted growing plants?

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Wedding In Spring 1953

Weddings — Then and Now

Going to my grandson's wedding brought back memories of our own wedding day. It may have been a grey misty day but for us the day was perfect. I made my own dress and others besides. Rationing made sure no one ate too much. Lack of money meant nothing was wasted. A weekend honeymoon in Buxton Derbyshire was enough, for we took a two week holiday in the Channel Islands later on when the bank balance had recovered. We lived in one room at my parent's house for three years (not recommended) because houses and flats were hard to come by and the Council Housing had a list that meant only those with several children and poor living conditions would ever get a home of their own. But we saved hard and eventually had a deposit for a house. How exciting that was. To add to our joy came an old car. The old motor bike (no springs in those days) had served us well but a car — no matter how old — was pure luxury. These two achievements had been worked and saved for, even so, we considered ourselves very lucky for we could now start a family!

Oh but what a worrying time we had the week before we married. My hubby fell ill and was in bed with a temperature and large lumps all over his body. But he made it to the church in time.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sheep at a Wedding?

My grandson Matthew married his lovely Lisa yesterday. Our son Stephen, father of Matt is here with his wife Linda, and Lisa'a mum and dad. This is just a snapshot, hence it was difficult to capture them without others milling around with their cameras too. Now is that a fluffy train or a wooly sheep getting in on the act? No not my hair — would it be that thick! That's me — under the hat.
The service took place at Hartford Church (UK). It is the longest service for a wedding that I have been to. Lots of youth taking part in the band and singing. Evangelical service and the bride said 'obey' Now that is unusual. Two lovely people, both with lovely, friendly parents. Many guests and a truly wonderful day. More about the wedding on another of my sites. (When I get around to it!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Toad In The Hole — very tasty!

Now what do those people who have never heard of Toad In The Hole think I would be offering them should they dropped in for a meal? Nice fat toads plucked from yonder pond or dug out of a hole? I would like to know how this sausage cooked in batter got its name. I like to use Wabberthwaite sausages. Wabberthwaite is a small village up the west coast of Cumbria. The firm uses local produce and they are the tastiest sausages you can possibly buy. I do believe the firm supplies the Royal Household with their produce. The meat is not the pink 'could be anything' but genuine minced up quality pork mixed with herbs and other ingredients. I don't make the batter as usually given in good cook books. I prefer to use more eggs and milk to add to the flour. This makes it more protein rich. Here is a photograph of one of my efforts. Quick to cook and truly tasty!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pole Dancer?

Don't know if this little darling is a boy or girl, but he, or she, sure knows how to use a pole to entertain!
I could watch for hours. I would have thought it hard enough to reach the top but Fluffy-Tail can stop, cling, and look around.
'Who are you looking at?' it seems to ask. Quite a performing artist!

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