Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tea At Chatsworth

We have been on a holiday to Derbyshire. We enjoy walking the footpaths along dales, by rivers, in woods and in gardens — such as that of Chatsworth (the country house of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire), which is open to the public — house, garden and immense estate.
There is a well-known Chatworth Farm Shop (cafe there too) and a large Garden Centre.

Chatsworth Garden Centre has a wonderful cafe. Not only is the food excellent but there are tables outside when you can enjoy the magnificent flowers — beautiful scents, rich colours and an utterly delightful soul-enriching experience affecting every one of the human senses. Even wild birds entertain with song and funny antics!
Here is a photo taken from where we were sitting.
What ever people say about so much land and property in the hands of few people (I do believe the Duke has inherited six estates) it is wonderful to have this country park kept in such excellent condition for all to enjoy.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

They that go down to the sea in boats.

We are lucky to be near coast and country. The shipyard at Barrow is just ten miles away. We drove there to take photos for a new project. (This is the channel side of the works)
It has been an open day there today.
My hubby used to work at the shipyard. I once went down into a submarine on one such open day. I would hate to go to sea in a submarine. My goodness it must be quite claustrophobic, enclosed and with so little space to move about in. Submariners are brave men indeed.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Pleasant Drive Around Windermere and Coniston Water

Yesterday we had a pleasant drive to Bowness, Windermere, Ambleside and round to Coniston and back home following the lakeside road. Beautiful views of lakes and mountains.
Of course, the area is familiar to us but never the same: subtle changes in light, reflections and mood, are ever new.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Stand Off At Noon!

The photo here is of Spice looking out of the window hoping to spot squirrels.
Is she is not inside searching for them, she is outside either chasing them or waiting for them to arrive.
What a laugh! We looked out of the window yesterday and saw a squirrel sitting on the corner of the lawn looking at the dog, who was sitting under the bird station looking directly at the squirrel about ten feet away.
Eye fixed on eye. Who would make the first move? All was quiet. No movement anywhere. The squirrel suddenly gave way and ran for its life, the dog a short distance away. Unfortunately for the dog, she can't climb trees!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Busy Squirrel

One of the great pleasures in life is observing the life of other creatures around us.
After a busy time I now have the chance to observe the wil life in the garden. I took a lot of photographs of a squirrel trying to get at the food put out for the birds. First in the back garden and then in the front. All the photos had to be taken through the glass of windows. Most of the time the squirrel was on the move, but I managed to get a few hazy photographs.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy Bee

Busy Bee!
Another busy day but with less to show for it!
Cooler today but we walked to town, mostly for exercise. Sitting too long (working on the computer) is bad for my knees.
Yesterday afternoon, my son, his wife, their son and his bride-to-be called in. What a delightful couple.
Today I heard that a friend with cancer is back in hospital. Sad. Hope to see her tomorrow.
Good news and bad news — that's life.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy day inside, and in the garden.

Cleaning and washing today. But time for an hour outside — cleaning up petals, weeding, and polishing garden furniture. Caught a cheeky squirrel helping himself to the nuts on the bird station.
More shrubs in bloom. Gorgeous! Huge bees are buzzing and the birds singing! My flowers, and the wildlife that visit, are my treasure that will never tarnish!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pretty Pottery, Porky Pigs, and a Promonade in Paradise Park

Pretty Pottery, Porky Pigs, and a Promonade in Paradise

Yes, that was our Gill Banks yesterday.
On our lazy saunter along wild Gill Banks (Ulverston) we met pretty young girls potting. Instruction being given by a friendly gentleman (Geoff Dellow) keen to get young people involved in creative activities. The result will be hung on the Gill Banks railings, along with others already there. (Including my own meagre efforts — okay, so I am not part of the youth here but all are invited to potter at Geoff's house.)
Once again we stopped to photograph the pigs. What a sight! They had dug themselves a hole (with their snouts) which had become delightfully muddy — so cooling to lie in during hot weather.
What a laugh! Three of them were keen to get into it but there was only room for one. They were pushing each other out with the only tool they had — the one they used to dig the hole. Oh what a lovely time they were having!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Paradise Lost

Go to my Writing For Joy blog for a fuller post and photographs.

The sea at Whitehaven.

We had only been home just over a week, when a dreadful happening took place in the very area we visited. Twelve dead, eleven seriously injured. One suicide.
Who was Derrick Bird? What made him snap and shoot his brother, colleagues, friends and neighbours? Twelve deaths and eleven injuries, some life-threatening. Then his own life. The horror is too great for my mind to taken in.
Those injured and dead, and their loved ones, are not the only victims. A mother has lost her twin sons — one of them having killed the other. Cain and Abel came to mind.
At present I feel strangely detached. I know, deep down, we all have a darker side. We learn to have mastery over it and use it creatively. Even to the extent of only recognising our ‘shadow’ as a force for creativity. But is also a place, a cellar, where our ‘demons’ live. Once the ‘policeman’ dwelling in our ‘upper’ mind — the authority voice, a combination of ‘voices’ that taught us right from wrong— is subdued, then restraint has gone and all hell is let loose. Even so, it is premature to speculate.
But we do need to understand what makes people break under pressure, that is, if we want to avoid these dreadful tragedies.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home — 'Birds have their nests'

I watched a bird collecting nesting material this morning. Likely this is not the first home this season.
There are a variety of birds nesting in the trees and bushes around us. Backwards and forwards, carrying their chosen materials. Pigeons build a mere raft to lay an egg on, tiny birds create perfectly formed nests which are softly lined with fluffy feathers and gossamer webs.
No mortgage payments, materials free, just hard work and dedication needed. More hard work when the eggs hatch. When the children leave the nest, maybe another round of child-rearing. Losses to predators are great, but the birds go on as they are programmed to do. Brave little creatures and a joy to watch.