Friday, July 30, 2010

Then and Now, 1953—2010

Why do many women (and men) try to hold back the years? Why can’t we simply accept others and ourselves just as we are? Fear of being unloved and unwanted? Fear of losing respect and self-esteem. Fear that life’s journey is about to reach its destination? For certain, powder and paint, needle and thread can’t prevent that!
There are times when I ask myself ‘why bother any more?’ Why not give up and give in? Funerals, of friends and loved ones, get more frequent. ‘Wear and tear’ on body and soul doesn’t just start to show, it cries out to be heard!
We continually hear of the problems the young will face in the future to keep the ageing generation in care homes or looked after in their own homes. The figures are frightening. Add to this the dreadfully-real poverty in the world, the suffering from natural disasters, the suffering of those caught up in wars not of their making. The terrorism, but also the wickedness and the greed that makes terrorists out of downtrodden peoples.
You are never too old, or too young, to help make the world a better place to live. Wrinkles need not be a barrier to communication or to happiness.
(Photo on our wedding day — March 1953. Photo at our grandson's wedding 2010 — eyes dreadfully sore with all the flash photography, teeth not what they used to be, hair, what there is left blown by the wind! But my heart filled with the same joy!)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Gorgeous Blooms — All Free!

Plants that are free and satisfying.

One of the pleasures of a garden is growing plants from cuttings. I see it as working with nature.
A cutting taken from a rose growing over an old wall that many years ago was part of an old garden (see Wrinkly Writers). This cutting was cut into several parts, each producing its own plant. Cuttings from a creamy-yellow climbing rose, (growing as a full height tree) now covering a huge tree stump (along with clematis and ivies) and leaping upwards towards the sky. Also growing up a fir tree. A number of cuttings taken from Hydrangeas (one blue and pne pink) now growing in various parts of the garden with showy blooms that last throughout the summer. Cuttings from clematis and a number of shrubs, spread around the gardens, filling spaces and a delight to the eye. So much to enjoy and costing nothing but a little time. There is so much to enjoy in a garden. Spreading the pleasure with cuttings is doubly rewarding.
Here are some photos to illustrate. Plants from cuttings are mixed here with other shrubs but which were bought as potted growing plants?

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Wedding In Spring 1953

Weddings — Then and Now

Going to my grandson's wedding brought back memories of our own wedding day. It may have been a grey misty day but for us the day was perfect. I made my own dress and others besides. Rationing made sure no one ate too much. Lack of money meant nothing was wasted. A weekend honeymoon in Buxton Derbyshire was enough, for we took a two week holiday in the Channel Islands later on when the bank balance had recovered. We lived in one room at my parent's house for three years (not recommended) because houses and flats were hard to come by and the Council Housing had a list that meant only those with several children and poor living conditions would ever get a home of their own. But we saved hard and eventually had a deposit for a house. How exciting that was. To add to our joy came an old car. The old motor bike (no springs in those days) had served us well but a car — no matter how old — was pure luxury. These two achievements had been worked and saved for, even so, we considered ourselves very lucky for we could now start a family!

Oh but what a worrying time we had the week before we married. My hubby fell ill and was in bed with a temperature and large lumps all over his body. But he made it to the church in time.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sheep at a Wedding?

My grandson Matthew married his lovely Lisa yesterday. Our son Stephen, father of Matt is here with his wife Linda, and Lisa'a mum and dad. This is just a snapshot, hence it was difficult to capture them without others milling around with their cameras too. Now is that a fluffy train or a wooly sheep getting in on the act? No not my hair — would it be that thick! That's me — under the hat.
The service took place at Hartford Church (UK). It is the longest service for a wedding that I have been to. Lots of youth taking part in the band and singing. Evangelical service and the bride said 'obey' Now that is unusual. Two lovely people, both with lovely, friendly parents. Many guests and a truly wonderful day. More about the wedding on another of my sites. (When I get around to it!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Toad In The Hole — very tasty!

Now what do those people who have never heard of Toad In The Hole think I would be offering them should they dropped in for a meal? Nice fat toads plucked from yonder pond or dug out of a hole? I would like to know how this sausage cooked in batter got its name. I like to use Wabberthwaite sausages. Wabberthwaite is a small village up the west coast of Cumbria. The firm uses local produce and they are the tastiest sausages you can possibly buy. I do believe the firm supplies the Royal Household with their produce. The meat is not the pink 'could be anything' but genuine minced up quality pork mixed with herbs and other ingredients. I don't make the batter as usually given in good cook books. I prefer to use more eggs and milk to add to the flour. This makes it more protein rich. Here is a photograph of one of my efforts. Quick to cook and truly tasty!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pole Dancer?

Don't know if this little darling is a boy or girl, but he, or she, sure knows how to use a pole to entertain!
I could watch for hours. I would have thought it hard enough to reach the top but Fluffy-Tail can stop, cling, and look around.
'Who are you looking at?' it seems to ask. Quite a performing artist!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ulverston Carnival 2010 — what a day!

There is nothing like a carnival to draw people together and lift the mood of a whole town. Ulverston had many people, dancers and bands, walking and on floats, taking part. This happened last Saturday.
There is nothing like a carnival to lift the doom and gloom of the present financial situation. There is more to life than money — a wealth of happiness can be found in simple things.
There are a number of photographs on my Writing For Joy site, but these few here (different ones) will give a flavour.
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Golden Moments — butterflies

This butterfly was snapped in the garden today. We thought we knew what it was but it did not match the picture we compared it with. Nor any other photograph. Will have to keep on looking. It is quite like another one found in Furness.

Whatever the name of this lovely creature it is a joy to it, along with others, flitting about the garden. (Click on picture for an enlargement)