Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Creaking Branch

The Creaking Branch

I rise each morning, a creaking branch
Bowed and hurting
But unafraid
To meet
Each new day’s challenge.
Love keeps me strong.

The Tree of Life to which I’m grafted
By hands divine
Flows with sap
Of Holy Spirit
Strengthening me
With unquestioning love.

Loss of family and faithful friends
The sands of time
Flowing faster
As life moves on,
While in the flesh
Immortality has yet to dawn.

Life is challenge, pain, joy, love
Grief and sorrow,
Memory loss
So unkind,
But swells of ecstasy
Bring healing from the Tree of Life.

Flood, fire, tempest, earthquakes
Cannot destroy
Eternity —
Though Earth may die
The Tree remains

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