Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Last Post

I'm sounding the last post for this blog. I have decided to cut back on my writing and time spent on the Internet. Yes, indeed, time to change my ways and put energy into things that really count in life. My blogspot, Writing For Joy, will continue with regular postings for the time being. My Wrinkly Writers (wordpress) will also have regular comments on 'this and that' added as appropriate, but all others will only be added to if there is something specific to report on (such as books or awards to add to my author blog etc).
My thanks to all visitors and especially those who have left comments.
Of course, IF I am suddenly inspired to write another novel and the characters refuse to stay dormant in my head, then write I must. But that will mean less blogging, not more!
I have started on art work again. Walking is getting harder but best to make the most of what can be done even if it has to be done slower. Sitting too long at one time is not good! Taking snaps with my camera is a good way to keep in touch with our outdoor activities. But the photos can go on Writing For Joy — some of the landscapes I will turn into pictures with ink, crayon and paint. Here are a few snaps of a walk we did on Good Friday. From home we walked under the Hoad to Booth's Supermarket for light refreshments. Walking down to Canal Foot, along the beach to Plumpton, across the fields back to the canal, along the canal again to lunch at Booth's Supermarket. On the photographs, you will see Industrial Ulverston side by side with Ulverston's lovely landscape.

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